Craft Beer done with Classic Craft.

The Story of Second Pitch

We are a family-owned craft brewery in San Antonio striving for beer that is different from the norm, strong in flavor, and harkens back to traditional roots.

Jim Hansen, a seasoned brewer from the San Francisco Bay Area of California, is the founder of Second Pitch. After four long years of effort, Second Pitch finally opened in August 2020 on Starcrest Drive. Jim and his wife, Samantha (a San Antonio native) are working tirelessly to help move the San Antonio beer scene into the national spotlight. We want San Antonio to be a beer destination. At Second Pitch, our brewery has been designed to help create the highest quality product possible. No area was left wanting – from the grain handling to the Reverse Osmosis system.

When not at the brewery, Samantha is at work as a Fellow in orthopedic physical therapy for a local, independently owned outpatient clinic. Together, Jim and Sam have 3 small children who you sometimes see running around the brewery. They are very proud of their kiddos, a 3-year-old boy named Ben and twin 1-year-old girls named Kate and Charlie. You might also meet their brew dogs, Bailey, a senior Australian Shepherd (Jim’s original brew-dog), and Josie, a pit-boxer mix.

Made With High-Quality Ingredients & Passion

At Second Pitch we are dedicated to our craft and take the time to find the best ingredients. We are constantly searching for the best, most appropriate, ingredients for each style of beer we make. This includes wheat malt from Germany for our German Hefeweizen or hops from Yakima Valley in Washington for our West Coast IPA. We take pride in knowing exactly what is in our pint glasses.

Our Craft Beer Specialists

Everyone on our team has a passion for craft beer and is a Certified Beer Server through the Cicerone Certification Program.

Nick Eppinger

Tap Room Manager